What kind of space can I list?

Any space that is suitable for dance, yoga and fitness classes (think zumba, tai chi, cardio kick boxing). We use the term “studio” because it’s a popular search term with our pros.

What kinds of classes, workshops and events can I list?

Any and all dance-related genres are welcome on StudioGo. Dance, yoga, pilates, cheer, gymnastics and movement classes for children and adults, progression series, drop-ins, and training sessions. Workshops can be intensives, special sessions with guest instructors, camps, or dedicated educational opportunities. Events can range from socials and milongas to conventions and festivals. Please note this is a family-friendly site and any content that falls in to the “18 and over” will be removed promptly.

What are StudioGo’s fees?

Our payment structure makes it easy to try StudioGo with no upfront costs, no long-term commitments and no risk. We are pleased that, even with a small fee, we can offer our members the best rate on the market.
– Listing a new class, workshop, event or rental space is always free with no limit to the number of listings you may post.
– When someone books a class, workshop, event or rental through us, StudioGo will take a flat 10% service fee.
– We have no sign-up fees or membership fees and there are no costs to dancers and yogis using our site to find and book classes or studio time.

What if I have multiple spaces? Multiple rates? A sliding fee depending on level of expertise of the renter?

We recommend listing each space separately with the minimum rate and providing more details in the description section of the listing. In the future we will add features that support multiple spaces per venue and multiple rate options.

What are the terms and conditions?

Check out our terms here. In short, we are a marketplace that connects people with spaces. Studio owners set the policies, rate and terms for their spaces. Renters must accept the terms of the studio before renting. We are not liable for any issues you may encounter on site.

Do I have to sign any contracts to list my space?

Not at this time. We want to keep things simple when we can! We do not have contracts nor require you to modify your renters policy. Our goal is to connect dance/yoga/fitness folks with space and it’s really up to each facility to define their own policies and terms. You have control over who you rent to and for what purpose. And renters decide if they are okay with the terms of your space.

Are there requirements for me to rent a space as a dancer/yoga/fitness pro?

Most facilities have a set of policies (some require insurance, some limit what kinds of activities they will rent for) so make sure to contact the studio space you are interested and get the scoop. Many outline their requirements in the description field of their listing so be sure to read it! It’s up to you to find the space that works best for you.

How long does it take to create a listing?

That depends on you! It can take as little as 2 minutes if you simply fill out the form. If you want to get fancy with language and photos, maybe another 10 minutes. The process is short and (hopefully) sweet.

How can I increase the exposure of my space?

We are working on ways to increase exposure – featured listings and things like that. Stay tuned!

What’s your system of payment?

We provide Paypal as an option to allow renters to pay studios directly.

When are you expanding to my area?

If you would like us to add your city please contact us.