Dancers: Finding local opportunities to dance is easy.
1. Search for classes, workshops, events or space rentals based on your needs and schedule.
2. Ask questions and reserve your time via private messaging to studios/teachers.
3. Use PayPal to complete your booking.
Tips for Dancers
    • If you have  questions or special requests, contact the desired studio directly from their listing.
    • For studio space rentals, read the entire description – many studios post rental requirements there.
Studios/Teachers: We make it easy to increase your earnings with new bookings.
1. Simply click on the “Post a new listing” button and follow the guided steps.
2. Next, create an account and add details about your class/studio including cost and photos.
3. Once completed, your listing is searchable on StudioGo and ready for booking!
4. Dancers confirm their reservation by making a full payment to you via PayPal.
Tips for Studio Rentals
    • Provide a compelling description and photos on your listings. Photos are key!
    • Include your schedule / availability so renters can find the info they need quickly.
    • If you have multiple spaces for rent, list each one separately so that you can specify rate and details for each and make search / browsing easier for renters.
    • Listing is always free with no limits to how many listings you can post.
    • StudioGo charges a 10% flat service fee for each class, workshop, event or rental booked through our platform.
    • There are no sign-up or membership fees.
 If you have any questions or would like us to help you get started please email us at