You’ve heard the news! You can now list dance classes, workshops and events on StudioGo to market to more dancers and fill more seats! (Psst.. it also works for yoga and other fitness activities). This article covers how you can post your dance class, workshop or event in just a few quick and easy steps.

1- Create a free StudioGo account

Step 1 is having your StudioGo account ready and be signed in. If you don’t have an account yet, follow this link or go to and click on “Sign-up” at the top right corner of the page. You can click the “Sign up with Facebook” button to get going quickly or fill out the short form.

2- Post a new listing

Once your account is created and you are logged in, click on “Post a new listing.”

3- Choose a listing type

Your options are:

  • Classes: all class types including mommy & me classes, kids classes, adult classes, advanced series, etc.
  • Workshops: a one time event or dedicated training/learning session such as a special weekend intensive with a guest teacher
  • Events: formal or informal events like Milongas, socials, conferences, festivals and performances
  • Studio Space: choose this option to list your studio space for rent


4- Fill in the details

Once the type of listing is selected, you can add as much information as you like about the class. The more information you enter the better. The listing title will show up in our featured listings, home page, search pages and more, so make sure you are descriptive in your title. Write something catchy to stand out.

The detailed description is the perfect place to include information about your studio and any rules or terms you may have.

Choose the Dance Genre that best describes the class. If you plan on mixing things up, you can select more than one genre. If your genre is not listed choose “other.” We check this regularly and will add genres as necessary.

Choose the closest metro area to your studio, fill-in the day of week and time of day for the class and the full address of your studio.

Lastly, add images. It is absolutely crucial that you at least have one picture for your listing.  Listings without pictures perform far less (often not at all) than those with pictures. Here are a few ideas of images you can use:

  • Pictures of your studio space
  • Pictures of your location from the outside
  • Pictures of previous classes
  • Pictures of your teachers dancing
  • A headshot of the teacher
  • An image of the dance shoe specific to your genre
  • You can also find license free pictures online you can use of people dancing
  • You can also buy pictures from online sites such as Shutterstock which you can then use in your listing


5- Done – your class is now searchable!

Congrats, you just posted your class on StudioGo! If you have more than one class, just repeat steps 1-4 for each class to list each one. The more classes you have listed the more likely it is your dance classes will show up when a dancer is looking for a new class to try.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your listing on social media. When you tag StudioGo in your post, we will share and promote it in order to expand your audience. Together we’ll help get more people dancing!

Please note that in order to allow for bookings online you will need to connect to your Paypal account.