Performing Arts Workshop

Ballet Studio for Rent

Beautiful, professional, comfortable, and conveniently-located dance studio available for rent by the hour, as well as regular weekly scheduled blocks of time.

Performing Arts Workshop is a 1,300 sqft ballet studio located in the heart of Encinitas. We currently offer two studio spaces with sprung marley floors, suitable for professional training, large mirrors, dressing room, two unisex restrooms, lobby, air conditioning/heat, sound system, and a large parking lot. Our large studio (1,326 sqft) is perfect for classes of up to 45, private events, informal showing, and group retreats. Our medium size space (435 sqft) is ideal for classes of 12 and under. Perfect for private lessons, yoga, dance, and martial arts etc.

For groups of 8 or more – $35.00 an hour

For groups of 7 or under – $25.00 an hour

Occupancy: 499

Amenities: Full wall mirrors, sprung floors, barre, parking, wifi

Restriction: No black sole shoes unless approved by owner

Signed rental agreement required.

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