Fitness/Dance Studio Space (SF Marina)

SF Marina Studio

Our fitness studio is in the heart of the SF Marina Triangle, and has lots of natural light and foot traffic. We have 2 floors with separate entrances, and we rent them out separately when we do not offer our own small group fitness classes. We currently offer SurfSet, Yoga, TRX, Dance, and other bootcamp style classes in the weekday mornings and evenings and on weekend mornings. The groundfloor space has high ceilings, natural light (south facing), hardwood floor, mirrors, a state-of-the-art light and sound system, a restroom (with shower), a washer and dryer and a back patio which is great for events. The downstairs basement space has rubber flooring, a restroom (with smaller shower), and a sound system.

Availability: Weekdays 8AM – 4PM, other times to be approved prior to booking
Occupancy: 30
Flooring details: Hardwood upstairs, Rubber downstairs
Available Audio / Sound System: Yes
Restrictions on use (no tap, black soles, shoes, etc. if applicable): N/A
Rental Requirements (insurance, signed agreement form, etc. if applicable): Insurance, signed agreement form

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