Retreat Space in Berkeley

Center for Transformative Change


Originally a tea house that was converted into a Korean Zen temple, our beautiful, free-standing Practice Hall is the perfect location for yoga, meditation, retreats, workshops, and special events. In addition to the hall itself, we have a beautiful garden that we are more than happy to rent to you as well. Depending on use, we may ask for an additional fee for rental of the garden.


Our space is conveniently located in South Berkeley, a 13 minute walk from Ashby BART and right next to the AC Transit 12 Bus Stop. There is street parking available.


  • No shoes permitted on the floor of the Practice Hall or the deck in front. There are no exceptions.
  • The altar space may not be used without prior explicit permission.
  • Smoking of any kind is not permitted by city ordinance.
  • No beverages are allowed in the Practice Hall without a coaster underneath to protect the delicate floor.
  • No meat, except fish, can be consumed inside the Practice Hall.
  • Any admission to be charged or donations to be collected or requested must be clearly communicated and agreed upon to remain in alignment with our overall values. Direct sales of items are also not permitted except by prearranged agreement.
  • We offer the Practice Hall in the spirit of ‰”self serve‰” as much as possible. Please let us know what your needs are with as much advance notice as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. + We are a residential practice community. We welcome your presence and support. And we ask you to help support us in respecting the community‰’s privacy.
  • Mondays are our community‰’s day of Social Silence. This is an important practice of being in community for us. Overall, it means we keep our attention focused inward. As a result, we rent the Hall on Mondays with a higher degree of review. If you wish to rent the Practice Hall on a Monday please keep this in mind and we will let you know if we can accommodate the type of event you wish to hold.


  • Room Cleanup Fee of $30.00 applies when the Center‰’s Coordinator needs to clean a room after a meeting, i.e. clean the floor, etc. Organizations holding meetings assume complete responsibility for any and all damage to rooms, contents or equipment used and will be charged for any necessary repairs or replacement.
  • Staff Assistance Fee. Generally speaking, rental of the Practice Hall is a self-service affair. We do not provide staff for your event other than answering questions if staff are in the office the day of the event. For any needs beyond this, there are additional fees of $25/hour for any staff member provided to your organization, if available and only by prearrangement.

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