Suzie’s Studio

Suzie's Studio

Our beautiful, affordable multi-use studio is available to the community for hourly rental. Perfect for teaching or practicing dance, yoga, Pilates, movement, performance art, dance therapy, acting, martial arts, photo or film shoots.

1200 square feet sprung hardwood floors

Floor to ceiling mirrors two walls

Roll out marley floor available for tap, flamenco, ballet

Room divisible with sliding folding doors into two completely separate rooms

Easy access from highway 580 and 101

Music system with CD player and IPOD jack

Folding chairs and tables available

Curtains available to cover mirrors if desired

Can rent entire space

RATES (per hour):

Private lesson or practice floor fee – $15/hr

Before 5PM
STUDIO A (25′ X 20′) – $20/hr
STUDIO B (35′ X 20′) – $25/hr
STUDIO AB (1200 sq ft) -$30/hr

After 5PM
STUDIO A (25′ X 20′) – $25/hr
STUDIO B (35′ X 20′) – $30/hr
STUDIO AB (1200 sq ft) – $35/hr


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